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  NSF Elite Multi Functions Die Cut And Foil Stamp Machine  
  video Die cut & foil stamp machine elite sample      
  The NSF Elite incorporates a unique combination of features that make it ideal for short, medium and long run production applications.
Using dies, the NSF Elite can flat foil stamp, blind and foil emboss, and die cut at speeds up to 5,000 impressions per hour.
Using the HSFF (High Speed Foil Fusing) process (patent pending), foil can be fused to toner to create a flat foil impression without dies, at speeds up to 4,000 impressions per hour. If dimensional toner is used, a ThermoEmbossed (foil embossed) image can be created, using the HSFF process.
The NSF Elite has the ability to imprint/die cut up to eight positions down the length of each sheet. This allows a single die and makeready to be used when processing multiple up sheets through the press. Using this feature, tooling cost and makeready/set up time is dramatically reduced. This is extremely important when running very small quantity jobs that have been printed multiple up on digital printers.
A 14.5" by 20" maximum sheet size runs portrait through the NSF Elite. This sheet size is ideal fora wide range of traditional products and digital printer output. Image area on the NSF Elite is 10.625" by 13.375" (37% larger area compared to the NSF A3+). The impression mechanism is extremely rugged and can generate more than twice the impression pressure available on the
NSF A3+.
The NSF Elite features a new, Windows XP based computer control system.
This full color, touch screen control system provides a high degree of automation, easy to use operator interface and intuitive adjustments. We feel, and many of our customers agree, that the computer control system used on THERM-O-TYPE NSF presses are the most efficient control system available on any foil stamping or die cutting equipment.
NSF Elite Controls:
- Paper registration adjustment
- Foil draw/multiple foil draw adjustments (2)
- Automatic paper jam detect/interrupt
- Automated job set up
- TDC (Top Dead Center) impression mechanism
- BDC (Bottom Dead Center) impression mechanism
- Counter modes and reset
- Double feed detect/interrupt
- Low air pressure detect/interrupt
- Low lubrication oil detect/interrupt
- Skip feed detect/impression throw off
The standard NSF Elite foil draw system includes two foil support shafts, two independently programmable foil draws and two waste foil rewinds. Up to 7.2" diameter foil rolls can be run with adjustable foil tension control.
The NSF Elite features a computer controlled, pneumatic centralized lubrication system. Lubrication is controlled using press speed, impressionpressure and run/idle time information collected and processed by the computer core.
Paper registration, foil draw length, counter functions, jam detect/interrupt, double feed detect, speed and impression pressure functions are all controlled and/or displayed through the computer/touch screen.
Three sensors monitor paper movement through the press. If a jam conditions occurs, the machine will automatically drop off impression and stop. Jam condition information will then appear on the control display. Sensors can detect opaque, semi transparent and certain transparent materials without adjustment.
The headstop paper sensor is also used to confirm that a sheet is ready to advance into the impression area. If a skip feed condition occurs, the NSF Elite will automatically drop off impression. When the next sheet is detected at the headstop, the machine will automatically return to the On impression position. The NSF Elite will not stop if a skip sheet error occurs.
A traditional pile feeder with a 32" high pile capacity is used on the NSF Elite.
This feeder can be pre-loaded while the press is running to minimize down time. The combination of high capacity feeder and pre-loading significantly increases productivity, while reducing operator workload.
The NSF Elite is a truly unique product. This press has been specifically designed to efficiently produce very small to long run orders. Large foil roll and feeder capacity, combined with automated set up procedures and on the fly impression pressure, paper registration and foil draw adjustment make the NSF Elite exceptionally productive and easy to operate. There is no other press available that can provide this level of production flexibility and efficiency.
 Model  NSF Elite 
 Max. paper size 363mm X 508mm
 Min. paper size 89mm X 114mm
 Max. die cut size 273mm X 340mm
 Max. speed 5000 sheets/Hr
 Thickness 0.07~0.4mm
 Die cut/Foil stamp Platen
 max. imprint 8 times/per sheet
 Feeder Auto air sucktion
 Max. foil diameter 183mm
 Power 220V single phase